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Mineat's News

Posted by Mineat - 2 weeks ago


See this?

This is Hoopa. What I am about to tell you might be no lie...

Hoopa was the best thing that ever happened to Pokémon! Without it, Generation 7 and 8 wouldn't appear! A hint about it was even given by Professor Willow in Pokémon Go recently. I think he was based on what happened to me!

I had created a dummy account at http://Pokemon.com to get back in the race to get into the VGC while checking if my old account was there after I was attacked. I sent a ticket to delete the dummy and multiple un-needed accounts of Pokémon Go and http://Pokemon.com. When I confirmed the deletion, TPCi responded to me stating that they will refuse erasing the accounts for legal reasons.

I think they refused the erasure for another reason: because they think I was awesome! I collected and registered a full National Dex in Home and all up to Zeraora but a legit Diancie in MY Pokémon Bank. The original PokeBall Magearna is in my Home.

This had Verlisify (one of my attackers) foaming at the mouth as he already knew about it and started many huge evil events.

My next move is to ask Customer Support about this for many big party favors.


Posted by Mineat - August 18th, 2021

Update(8/18/2021): Working on company product design problems, as I might have found an art style to stick with. Will update Fly Hunter and other games with it as I am taking mental notes of all of them(concepts, ideas, game changes...).


Posted by Mineat - July 22nd, 2021

I'm here to tell you again:

I'm sorry that many accounts and submissions got flagged and removed. Many assholes and sluts took over my account the whole time while I was learning, including Shigeru Miyamoto(who truly hates his fans and Newgrounds), a lead gangster's kid that was terrorizing my schools, a slut named Rose Ramos who slept and abused her way to stardom and a dick who is no longer my best friend and his family as they made me look like a true villain, stole my equipment and identity, framed me and made me their enemy, as all of these people and their relatives killed a lot of people inside and outside my family while assisting the devil in doing the same!

But that wasn't the full list of enemies currently after me while I grew up...

And my photographer cousin knowing the truth while my family doesn't believe me is the ugly part. He plans to take me out if he decides to try to convince them to know it again. It was so real and supernatural that even the Lord stepped in in-person many times while asking me to do something really epic.

So I'm asking you to please forgive me for anything that happened negatively with this account. I'm going through an amount of grief and pain while doing the task! I never wished to do that type of harm even if I tried! It's already bad enough that I'll realize this as soon as I decide to think about killing anything outside of reality in-person for a while and escaping Him before this task is done! Thank whoever listens to this!


Posted by Mineat - April 20th, 2021

Update(4/20/2021): Fixed the game's HUD text bug all by myself for the full game in development, and reported the solution to the Issue Tracker in Stencyl and Discord for all to see.


Posted by Mineat - January 21st, 2021

Late Happy New Year as I'm currently rethinking my company plans. The company will not be named TopHatTop Games nor use its previous logo nor its previous names for the time being. I am currently working on logo art for the new company name, as its latest debate about the design centers around the logo being worthy of being called a company logo. If finished, the company will use the art all across its products.

As for the parody I pitched in the Collabinator, I'm dropping a few names here...





Posted by Mineat - November 28th, 2020

Here is the concept for the new Stage 1 of the full game of Fly Hunter. My next move will be animating the reflection of the cabinet's mirror door in the intro of the stage(lady in bath towels turning off the sink before leaving the stage, as it is bathroom-themed) and making the cabinet a multi-image stage prop that includes breaking mirror glass, cabinet fires, medicine item actors that kill or inflict side effects(such as being drunk, put to sleep or supercharged with energy) on enemies when hit or having the entire cabinet fall after being destroyed. As for the Bot Fly, it and the other bosses will be tweaked to include their weaknesses.iu_201062_1290750.png


Posted by Mineat - September 3rd, 2020


Posted by Mineat - June 11th, 2020

To those that are still mad at me on Newgrounds and YouTube, my computers and accounts' access were being hijacked a few times by a son of a gangster, a bad best friend that hates gaming, a now grown up hispanic kid and an enemy slut(I'm after you, Rose Ramos!) many years ago. If your content has been insulted by any one of my accounts or has gotten bad ratings by me, notify me right away. I will remove the rating and review it properly as I've always did.

Thank you.



Posted by Mineat - May 25th, 2020

My gaming computer went down and my mother gave me a cool laptop. I am studying my laptop as I'm moving my work to it. I turned 35 a week ago.


Posted by Mineat - April 11th, 2020